Our History

PT Siap Kirim Indonesia

Starting from his interest in the world of hair styling, Ricky Wijaya pioneered the career of a hairdresser in several leading salons to become an entrepreneur.

Early in 1990 his first salon opened in Jakarta. This is where the start of Ricky Wijaya’s extraordinary career in the world of hair and beauty. Now Ricky Wijaya has more than 50 salon branches throughout Indonesia.

Salon Ricky continues to strive to improve service to customers by creating new product innovations for hair care, which began only for use at Ricky’s salon until finally meeting the demands of other salons.

In 2005 CV. Indomakmur Jayaraya (production and printing company), manufactures hair care and skin care products.

And in 2010 PT. Siap Kirim Indonesia (SKI) distribution company, over time and to meet consumer demand, especially salons and cosmetics shops for products produced by CV. Indomakmur Jayaraya.

Initially a small scale to distribute Go Street products produced by CV. Indomakmur Jayaraya. In a very short period of time since its establishment until now PT. Siap Kirim Indonesia (SKI) in the distribution industry is growing rapidly by having product distribution points throughout Indonesia.

In 2020 CV. Indomakmur Jayaraya in collaboration with CV. Royal Mandiri Pratama for cosmetics product printing, and will also be marketed by PT. Siap Kirim Indonesia.

And we also collaborate with Agents in several other regions and have distributed our products to more than 20,000 salons and 400 cosmetics shops and sales points nationwide.

Furthermore, to add to the company’s current and future portfolio, we will collaborate to distribute local and imported brand products.

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